We repurpose gems and metal from your old pieces into a beautiful new piece of jewelry


Makeovers & Heirloom Redesigns

Diamonds On The Key specializes in “makeovers” and custom designed & created jewelry, for a variety of occasions, and in wide range of tastes, from contemporary to classic.

Existing clients, who have subscribed to receive our Monthly Newsletter (if you aren’t already registered please send us a message via the contact page to sign up) will often view our featured makeovers and become inspired to customize one of their own, sometimes outdated jewelry pieces, to better fit their current style preferences. Clients may also have a precious life moment that they wish to commemorate and turn into a one-of-a-kind jewelry design, which can be cherished forever.  A high-end specialty offered within the Diamonds On The Key custom makeover process, is the deconstruction and reimaging of heirloom jewelry, which has been handed down through generations. There is so much romance to pieces such as these, taking something very sentimental, preserving its essence, and transforming it into a current, more wearable design.

Many clients feel an intense attachment to, and associate sentimental memories with, their heirloom jewelry and Diamonds On The Key is honored to work with them, by respecting the integrity of such pieces, and what the wearer holds dear to their hearts.

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Reasons for Makeovers & Heirloom Redesigns

There are an infinite number of stories, unique to each client, but here are several common scenarios:

  • Broken or damaged: Not all jewelry lasts forever, especially favorite pieces that were crafted decades ago! A gold band can crack or split, a gemstone can become loose or knocked out of its setting, and daily wear & tear occurs during busy lifestyles. Many customers turn to Diamonds On The Key for advice and options because they prefer not to have their jewelry repaired in the exact the same mode. These clients take this opportunity to create something new and different from a beloved piece. But those clients who only need a simple repair (example: ring sizing) are surprised at the ease of the repair process and quick turnaround time!
  • No longer worn/out of style: Not all styles, trends, and tastes in jewelry last forever. You could wear your favorite piece of jewelry every day for a year, but it might lose its appeal over time. Or what was trendy 20 years ago is now so "outdated", that the piece has remained in a drawer unworn for years! Whatever the situation, clients can feel “guilt-free” for perhaps neglecting these pieces by utilizing the make-over process.
  • Repurpose a gift: Whether handed down by a family member or received as a gift, sometimes a piece of jewelry, which you did not select yourself, is just not to your liking. Customers often bring in their unwanted jewelry, or email images to Diamond On The Key, and collaborate to turn these items into something new and better suited to their personal style.
  • Divorce: Most clients in this situation experience the process of repurposing their former wedding rings, as a cathartic way to start fresh with a new chapter in their life. A diamond engagement ring is easily transformed into a contemporary pendant or a band ring into new earrings. Out with the old and in with the new!

How to Makeover your Jewelry

  • Makeover Inquire: Please send us a message via our contact page or email to begin the makeover discussion. The process easily begins when the client provides the initial details and helps set expectations for the custom piece. Details from the client will assist in the creation of the new design. We also ask that you email images of your item(s) or schedule an appointment, to bring them in.
  • Consultation: After receipt of images and commission inquiry form, a consultation via email, phone or Zoom video call, will give the client and Diamonds On The Key owner, Christina Termine, the opportunity to thoroughly review the scope of the project, such as design goals, inspirations, budget, and timeline. This is also the point where the client can ask questions, express concerns, and discuss any special requests.
  • Insured FedEx Label: Once the design expectations are established, a complimentary insured FedEx label is emailed to the client, to print, package and securely ship the jewelry to the Diamonds On The Key office. The package can be dropped off at any FedEx location. Diamonds On The Key will track the package & send confirmation when it has been received.
  • Design and Estimate: The client will receive and approve a quotation, which outlines the specifics of the design project, including all design details, estimated costs, and completion timeline. If applicable, the client will receive a CADD (Computer-aided design) as well for approval.
  • Deposit: Once approved by the client, Diamonds On The Key will require a 50% deposit to begin production. Once a deposit is received, production of CADD renderings will commence, if necessary, and a final design of the custom piece is confirmed.
  • New Creation: The client receives their custom designed piece of jewelry upon pick up in person at the showroom, or by return shipping and insurance, with final balance due upon receipt.