Jewelry Makeovers

Diamond Ring Restoration

4 Carat Diamond Ring Restoration

After more than 50 years of love & daily wear, a prong
on this client’s diamond ring broke, causing the diamond to become loose. The other remaining three prongs were extremely worn down, with no rhodium finish remaining, and the ring turning a dingy gray color.

After inspection, to make sure the diamond had not become damaged, it was decided to install 4 brand new matching platinum prongs and keep the original shank with baguette diamonds intact. The diamond was gently unset, weighed and cleaned, with 4 new prongs supplied and laser soldered. The ring received a strong polishing, to remove decades of scratches, and brand new bright white rhodium finish was applied, so that the entire ring looked brand new and sparkling! The client could not believe the transformation upon picking up her ring, and both she and her husband were thrilled with the outcome!

A new full appraisal was also written, for insurance purposes, as diamond values had changed substantially, since the ring was purchased ages ago.