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Black Diamond Necklace Makeover

Black Diamond Necklace Makeover

A men’s necklace consisting of faceted black diamond beads was dropped off at Diamonds On The Key, after the string had broken, with several of the beads scattering onto the floor. Luckily, the owner was able to find all the valuable beads! The break was caused by the necklace having no clasp “pulling it” on and off over the head, which in turn stretched out and
put tension on the thread.

The beads were restrung using heavier gauge nylon thread, with knots every inch, to reduce the loss of any beads if the necklace were to break again in the future. A durable lobster claw clasp was added in 14 karat gold, which was plated with “black rhodium”, to keep a uniform black color.

This happy client is now wearing his necklace again every day.

Before and After Images: