Jewelry Makeovers

Creating a new piece with 500 loose diamonds

Christina brainstormed with her client on the perfect piece of jewelry to reuse over 500 small loose diamonds that were unset from several pieces of old, dated jewelry (including a long multi-diamond station necklace).

The client did not own a long necklace and was shown a proto-type necklace that had multiple “marquise” shaped diamond stations, which the client loved. Taking into consideration that a long necklace would “roll” across the body, a CADD computerized design was custom created for new “double sided” marquise stations, which contained graduated size diamonds, in order to utilized all the various size loose diamonds, and to see diamonds from every angle, when the necklace swung back and forth. A pattern, mimicking sunrays, was incorporated into the marquise station design, with remaining large, singular diamonds set aside, to be individually “bezel set” into the long chain necklace. The end reset was a stunning 32 inch necklace that this client can wear day & night, or doubled up and worn short. A sparkling new piece of jewelry!

From old to a sparkling new piece of jewelry