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Diamond Earrings and Loose Green Emerald Transformation to Ring

Diamond Earrings and loose Green Emerald transformation to ring

This longtime client and friend of Diamonds On The Key turned to Christina Termine, to assist in transforming a pair of little worn diamond wing shaped earrings, that did not suit her, into a different item of jewelry. Additionally, the client had a very fine quality, loose emerald gemstone, purchased during one of her travels, which had sat in a box for years! 

Since the detailing and craftsmanship of the earrings were fine quality, Christina suggested to maintain the unique mountings, which would also save on labor costs, and combine them into an abstract “heart shape design”, which only required adding a few diamonds, to define and complete the outline. Adding the emerald into the center of the heart created the basis for a stunning custom made “statement cocktail ring”. 

The client loved this unique concept and the design process began by removing the earring posts, creating a flowing custom shank band for the ring portion, and meticulously recreating the tiny diamond pattern, to connect the lobes of the heart. A four prong cradle was handmade, in which to set the precious emerald, and laser solder it into place in the center. The brilliant green emerald now became the focal point inside the new Heart Shape Ring for a contrast in sparkle & color!

The client was absolutely ecstatic with her new one of a kind ring and is excited to wear it to her next special gala event!