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Diamond Pave Disc Pendant

Diamond Pave Disc Pendant

This client turned to Diamonds On The Key to re-work an old necklace, after removing the 3 main larger diamonds, and setting them aside for a future special project.

Now, what to do with all the small diamonds, scattered throughout the necklace? For greater impact, setting them closely together in a “pave style” would maximize their combined sparkle, and a pendant style was selected. All the diamonds were unset from the old necklace, sorted and counted, and a CADD computerized pendant design was created, in which to cast and reset all the various sizes, with a new adjustable gold chain provided. Yellow gold was selected for its warm color.

The weight of the old white gold chain was applied as a scrap gold credit towards the labor of this custom job, which yielded a beautiful new piece for everyday wear!s