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Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Restoration

Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Restoration

While picking up a newly purchased item at our showroom, Christina noticed the extremely worn condition of this DOTK client’s engagement ring and wedding band. The rings were badly scratched and pitted, with the platinum finish on both rings turned dark gray in color, as all the bright rhodium finish had worn away after 20 years of daily wear and tear. In addition, the 4 prongs or ‘head’ of the engagement ring also showed signs of dents and wear.

The 3-carat solitaire diamond was gently removed and evaluated, then reset into a newly supplied platinum 4-prong head for added strength. It was laser soldered into place on the shank of the engagement ring, and the diamond wedding band received deep polishing to remove all scratches and a bright new rhodium finish to restore the metal’s original luster, leaving the rings looking brand new and sparkling!

Complimentary appraisals were made for the ring to update the old appraisal from 20 years ago.