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Extra Bracelet Links to Pinky Ring

Extra Bracelet Links to Pinky Ring

Inspired by a recent tennis bracelet makeover seen on the DOTK Instagram account, this client brought in a simple, diamond line bracelet for adjustment and “sprucing up”. The bracelet was always too long for the client, and it was shortened and polished bright white. As seen in the original makeover post, in which “left over diamond links” were unset and transformed into a ring, after the bracelet was shortened, the client wished to do the same with her links.

However, rather than removing the very tiny diamonds from the client’s extra links,
it was suggested to keep them in their existing mounting and supply a “half shank”, to solder and transform the links into a ring. This cost effective approach saved the client from having to purchase a full band or new remount. The result is an adorable, pinky ring, that matches the client’s existing line bracelet, which was gifted to her by her husband, while dating many years ago.

She was thrilled with the transformation and has been enjoying her new, sparkling pieces.