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Fancy Marquise Station Necklace Makeover

Fancy Marquise Station Necklace Makeover

After having purchased a Diamond Marquise Station Necklace from Diamonds On The Key a few years ago, and enjoying daily wear, the client realized that her necklace would tend to “roll” on her neck, exposing the “back side” of the Marquise shaped stations, which she did not like. Drawing inspiration from a trending clover style pendant, Christina suggested an engraved “engine turned” pattern, to fill in the reverse side of the stations, which would sparkle & shine with movement, and provide a pretty design for the back side of each station.

By filling in the back with an all gold element, verses one with additional diamonds, the budget was kept “friendly” for this makeover. The design was presented in a CADD and wax form to the client and approved immediately!

The finished product suited the client perfectly, with an improved necklace design, allowing her to wears her beloved necklace with ease.

Before and After Images: