Jewelry Makeovers

From Studs to ‘Y Style’

From Studs to “Y Style”

After receiving a new larger pair of diamond tension set earrings from Diamonds On The Key, to commemorate a milestone birthday, this client was unsure what to do with her smaller size diamond earrings. After looking through some online images, a “Y style” necklace was selected, to give distance between the old earrings and for a fun, sexy vibe!
A 14 karat gold chain was provided to create the necklace, with adjustments at the clasp for the necklace to be worn at various lengths. Posts and backs were removed from the earrings, with the chain laser soldered to specific points, to create the visual elements.

The end result? A beautiful new necklace to compliment and wear together with her new upgraded earrings!

Before and After Images: