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Huggie Earring to Pendant

Huggie Earring to Pendant

Having received a brand new “surprise replacement pair” of earrings from her husband, after loosing 1/2 of her beloved every day earrings, this Diamonds On The Key client asked for suggestions on what to do with her remaining 1/2 pair diamond huggies?

After discussing various solutions, it was decided to utilize the front half of the earring, which contained micro-pave set diamonds, and turn it into a pendant! The back half was removed, to create an elongated rectangular diamond pendant, to coordinate with her brand new earrings. Then, a smooth backing was specially created, to close off the new pendant, and a solid 14 karat, white gold cable chain was supplied and laser soldered, to complete the necklace. The discarded back side of the huggie was applied as scrap gold value towards the price of the makeover.

Another successful & inventive makeover!