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Repair of Hinged Opal Ring

Repair of Hinged Opal Ring

After having seen an ad on a Key Biscayne Neighborhood Social Media App for Diamonds On The Key, featuring “Repairs & Services”, this brand new client brought her favorite, heavily damaged ring to the office for inspection.

This unique ring, set with beautiful opal detail, was broken with a bent hinge, leaving the special features of this piece unwearable. Due to the fragile state of this ring, and delicate opals, Diamonds On The Key took extra caution in repairing the hinge with laser solder, delicately polishing and clean the scratched 14 karat yellow gold and restoring this ring to its original luster and beauty.

The client was so thrilled with the outcome of her ring and has referred new clients, also in need of repairs, to Diamonds On The Key.