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5 Carat Yellow Diamond Professional Restoration

5 Carat Yellow Diamond Professional Restoration

A long time client of Diamonds On The Key turned to Christina Termine for advice about her impressive size cushion cut, yellow diamond ring, which she had worn everyday for the past 10 years, as it had become dull and lost all of its original sparkle.

After inspecting the ring (which was not produced by DOTK) the prongs had become worn and thin, and years of debris became “trapped” inside the mounting, causing the diamond to become dirty and clouded, as there was no “exit space” in the under gallery of the ring, for dirt to be easily removed during simple “at home” cleaning. The diamond was graded “light fancy yellow” on the GIA color spectrum, and was very well cut and proportioned according to its certification report, but looked lifeless due to almost a decade of build up at the bottom of the gold “cup” holding the diamond. The soft 18 karat gold mounting was also very scratched and worn, with no reflective shine remaining.

To remedy this laundry list of issues, the diamond was removed from the setting and both items received a strong professional “acid bath” to remove all grime. A small hole was hand drilled into the underside of the mounting, to allow for any future trapped dirt to easily be removed via liquid cleansing. The inside and outside of the ring was polished to a high shine and four new gold prongs were supplied, in which to secure the diamond, for continued everyday wear.

The client was so pleased to receive back her now “shiny & sparkling” diamond ring, after a FULL restoration process, and promised to clean it at home every day, with a provided jar of cleaner.