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New Peridot Charm

New Peridot Charm

This long time VIP client returned to Diamonds On The Key with the idea to add a 3rd gemstone charm to her necklace and build upon her growing custom pendant collection. This time, it was to create a memento charm with a “Peridot” gemstone, which is the Birthstone of her husband, representing the month of August.

An identical mounting was cast in 18K yellow gold, to match in size to her 2 Carat Yellow Diamond Charm, originally created by Diamonds On The Key. A beautiful lime green Peridot was procured and specially cut to fit the mounting by our lapidary, in the same dimensions as her yellow diamond, so that all 3 charms would balance and hang from the client’s chain at equal heights. The client was so pleased with her new charm that she now wants to add a matching Blue Sapphire, to represent her own September birthday!!!

Stay tuned for more photos of her growing collection!