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Coral Earring Creation

Custom Coral Earrings

From desire, to creation, to delivery- Diamonds On The Key creates custom made jewelry for every request!

This client owned a favorite pair of gold & citrine drop earrings, which she purchased while traveling over
20 years ago. She wanted a similar pair with coral drops but the original jewelry store from where she
purchased the earrings had closed long ago. As the style was ornate and distinctive, the only way to
proceed was to custom make another pair. Even more difficult was matching enough pieces of fine color
coral drops of the same color tone.

First step was to search for the coral, which yielded a magical find of 10 drops graduated in size, plus cabochon
cuts for the top element of each earring, in a top “Premium Grade” of Natural Red Coral from Italian, prized for its red color
and luster.

Second was to copy the original design by hand and generate a CADD computerized rendering for approval, to then be
cast in 18 karat yellow gold.

Next step was to select the necessary quantity of brilliant cut, white diamonds, in assorted sizes suited to the pattern, and set
them by hand into the new gold earring mounting, which then received a high polished finish.

The final step was gently cementing the coral drops onto the supportive gold stems, at the bottom of the earrings, so that each piece
could “swing freely” and have movement.

This happy client was simply thrilled at the beauty of her new, elegant coral drop earrings!!!

Before and After Images: