Jewelry Makeovers

Antique Ring Restoration

Antique Ring Restoration

When this client received a gorgeous antique cut diamond engagement ring, sourced by Diamonds On The Key, the diamond was secured in it’s original antique setting, along with tapered baguettes. Over time, the aged, thin metal of the engagement ring became compromised when the addition of a modern diamond wedding band, worn next to the engagement ring on a daily basis, caused much “friction” and began to form “notches” on either side of the under gallery of aged ring, also causing the central diamond to become loose. Additionally, the thin metal walls, which housed the baguettes, also began to break down. As no further repair could be done to the original antique setting, a new computerized CADD design was created, similar to the original classic model, and cast in platinum for added strength.

The design incorporated a “higher” under gallery, so that the client’s diamond wedding band would sit “flush” next to the
engagement ring without interfering with the prongs holding the central diamond. The diamonds were unset from the antique ring and reset into the new design, with the diamond wedding band also receiving cleaning & polishing, so that both rings were sparkling and new! The client now could feel extra secure wearing her wedding rings every day!

***As an extra, this client dropped off an emerald ring, missing one gemstone, and a diamond bracelet, which needed shortening, to complete her total “Makeover”!!!

Before and After Images: