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Custom Medallion Makeover

Custom Medallion Makeover

Wishing to incorporate the engraved central monogram from her father’s signet ring, this client turned to Diamonds On The Key to “co-design” a medallion pendant, which she could wear every day, as a remembrance of her beloved dad. Sample images of pendants were studied, as the client did not want something “typical looking” or a plain round disc. A wavy border was decided upon and a bold 1.25 inch diameter drawn. In addition to the monogram, other significant pieces of jewelry were incorporated into the design, such as the diamond from both her original engagement ring and her grandmother’s, plus diamonds from the first ring she received from her husband.

With careful planning, the top monogram was delicately hand cut by a laser, away from the shank of the man’s ring, to become the “focal central design” of the new pendant. All diamonds were unset from the rings and arranged in a pleasing pattern by size. After approving the computerized CADD design, the pendant was cast in 18 karat gold, with the four corners of the monogram gently rounded by hand and laser fused into the center of the pendant. The diamonds were burnish and bezel set, with the entire front of the pendant receiving a “matte finish” by hand and the back side being “high polished”. An endearing message in French was hand engraved on the back side and a top bale installed, which was large enough to accommodate an heirloom gold chain, that would be received from her grandmother.

The end result was a client “blown away” and “elated” with the fine attention to detail given each step of the way, yielding a one of a kind, custom made new medallion, which incorporates generations of family heirloom jewels. The client plans to wear the pendant often as her new “signature” piece of jewelry.

Before and After Images: