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Custom Creation Of Replacement Cross Makeover

Custom Creation Of Replacement Cross Makeover

After a symbolic and unique style cross, decades old and received from a dear friend, was taken from this client during a hospital stay, the client turned to Diamonds On The Key, in hopes of replacing it.  A rough sketch of the cross was drawn from memory, with the following description: The cross had angled edges, with tiny raised squares, placed in a random pattern across the front surface and the cross had a “rough, textured finish”. It was not high polished.  

The sketch and details were then fed into a computer, to generate two CADD designs, from which the client selected the one, which most resembled the missing cross. The design was cast in 14 karat yellow gold, with a “sandblast finish” applied by hand. 

The final result was a client “overjoyed” with his new cross, which looked almost identical to his original one! The cross was promptly blessed at a local church, and suspended on a brand new sturdy gold chain, to wear every day.

Before and After Images: