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Heart Shaped Diamond Remount

Heart Shaped Diamond Remount

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

In honor of a 30th wedding anniversary, this client brought her original diamond engagement ring to Diamonds On The Key for a makeover transformation. Indeed the ring was in need of some extra love & *Sparkle*. The Heart Shaped Diamond was removed from the original plain solitaire setting, cleaned, weighed and evaluated for a new appraisal, prior to being reset.

In order to add “volume” to the petite size diamond, and emphasize its shape, the new design included adding a “diamond halo” around the heart shape outline, plus a diamond set shank, for added brilliance. The ring was then CADD designed for the client’s approval, cast in platinum, and all diamonds set.

A second, brand new diamond wedding band, to mark this extra special occasion, was also purchased, with the new engagement ring mounting designed to sit “flush” together with the new wedding band.

The client was overwhelmed by the new creation and celebrated her anniversary in a ceremony to renew their vows. Would you like to receive this ring for Valentine’s Day?