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Riviera Necklace Upgrade

Riviera Necklace Upgrade

Inspired by the recent posts of diamond riviera necklaces, which feature large center diamonds or colorful semi-precious gemstones, this client decided to permanently combine her existing graduated riviera necklace with her radiant cut diamond pendant. Her radiant diamond pendant was actually her originally engagement ring, which was reset into a pendant, after she was gifted an upgrade, also via Diamonds On The Key.

Keeping “upcycling” in mind and always reinventing, the radiant diamond pendant, had been suspended on the necklace (for fancy occasions) or on a plain white gold chain (for every day wearing). Wanting to redesign the pieces, she asked Diamonds On The Key to remount the the radiant cut diamond in a horizontal position, into the center of the diamond necklace. Then, the largest central round diamond from the riviera necklace was removed and remounted into a floating pendant, and soldered onto the client’s simple white gold cable chain.

The result is an elevated, gorgeous riviera necklace with an impressive center, focal point and a great everyday simple diamond necklace, done at a minimal price.