Jewelry Makeovers

Ring to Bezel Pendant

Ring to Bezel Pendant

Discovering an old, little worn ring in her jewelry box, this client desired a makeover into a trend setting pendant, to wear every day and layer with her other favorite necklaces. An insured FedEx label was emailed to the client with instructions to ship the ring to the Diamonds On The Key office, and begin the makeover process.

The client sent images to Christina for the new pendant design, wishing to keep the diamond in a “bezel set style”.  The diamond was unset, weighed (.44 carats) and reset into a new smooth 14 karat bezel, which was thinner than the original overpowering bezel. A sturdy and flexible 14 karat gold cable chain was added, with adjustments to wear at variable lengths. The old ring mounting was applied as a scrap gold credit, to reduce the overall labor costs of this makeover.

The client was very happy with the ease, value, and quick turn around of the entire makeover process and wears her new diamond solitaire pendant every day!